Aage Maagensen statsautoriseret revisionsaktieselskab

C.E. Christiansens Vej 56

Business category

Administrative services


Small (10-49)


We are a state authorized accountancy firm that offers advice on international and Danish taxation, accounting, corporate and employee regulations and other administrative assistance. We can assist you with the: • Registration of employees in Denmark, preparation of Danish tax returns, opening of bank accounts, RUT registration (register of foreign service providers) etc. • Establishment of a business in Denmark as a branch office or company. • Establishment of joint ventures, jointly owned companies etc. • Administrative tasks such as accounting, financial reporting, payroll processing, reporting to authorities and other administrative tasks. We participate in the national and international cooperation Kreston (www.kreston.dk or www.kreston.com) and collaborate with accountants and lawyers in Denmark and abroad. As such, we are also capable of supporting with cross border matters, and have experience with international groups and financial reporting.