BC Catering A/S

Langebjerg 17

Business category

Food / Catering


Medium-sized (50-249)


On a daily basis, BC Catering distributes food, beverages and non-food items to all types of professional kitchens in every part of Denmark. Be it restaurants, large canteens, nursing home kitchens, inns, hospitals, bakeries or cafeterias. We deliver goods to private companies, associations as well as public kitchens. From the smallest hot dog stand to the largest kitchens in Denmark. Through dialogue with our customers, we agree, among other things, on the place of delivery and may assist in placing the goods in a cold, fry or dry stock. The goods are delivered free of charge by our own catering drivers. We use specially designed distribution trucks containing several zones that secures compliance to the refrigeration chain for each individual product. We are capable of delivering more than 70.000 articles to the professional kitchen. In addition to exciting goods from all over the world, our talented buyers strive to offer local goods and fresh specialties. We are capable of meeting most desires and take great pride in seeking out even the rarest ingredients. In recent years we have experienced an ever increasing interest for “fresh products” – (some) with short durability. We have not only managed to meet this desire but are constantly expanding our assortment of fresh fish, dairy products and fresh fruit and vegetables. BC Catering A/S is part of Euro Cater. For further information, check our website: https://cater.dk/in-english/