Elektrokul A/S

Snedkervej 2A

Business category

Electrical installation
Industrial sales
Machinery, tools and specialized equipment


Small (10-49)


Elektrokul A/S is a company who manufacture carbon brushes for electric motors and any other rotating and sliding current connections.
We have all major carbon brush grade brands on stock, and we can do any carbon brushes for any application in our own production.
 have large stock of many graphite grade materials for mechanical applications, and we have CNC milling and turning machines to machine the parts as the custom require.
Elektrokul A/S is reselling a lot of different parts for electrical applications like; Slip rings, carbon brush holders, high flexible cables custom made for earthing, transformer connections and so on, special tools for electrical motor reworking, like grinding stones, commutator cutting tools in diamond, highspeed steel and hard grades, grinding paper, glass grinding sticks, industrial, marine and traction fuses and fuse holders from Mersen, Bussmann and SIBA, according to European, British and American standards for any voltage, some types are on stock in our house, permanent magnets in all types and grades, and we manufacture marine signal figures in all shapes.