Enterprise Rent A Car

Park Allé 355

Business category

Car/truck rental


Large (250+)


Enterprise Rent A Car is the largest car rental company.
With a fleet size of over 1,8 million cars throughout the world.

Enterprise Rent A Car has over 60 years of experince working the largest and most demanding car rental demands in the world.

At Enterprise we only have brand new cars, which minimizes the downtime and repair time of the cars.
We understand the importence of keeping the cars driving at all time.

Important points:
-Newest fleet in Denmark
-No downpayment

-Day to day delivery
-No minimum rental length
-World-class recognized customer service
-Experience with handling 80% of the Fortune top 500 companies 

At Enterprise all cars are delivered with our "complete clean pledge" which is a high standard of cleaning and sanitizing that  ensures all cars meet the standard for covid 19 protection.

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.