Euro Star CPH

Maglebæk Søpark 12
Brøndby Strand

Business category

Employment agencies


Medium-sized (50-249)


Here is a little insight into our service.

We currently have sixty employees waiting for a call

- Hotel cleaning and maintenance Our temporary staff has extensive experience in hotel cleaning, cleaning rooms, kitchens etc.

In addition to cleaning indoor areas, we can also offer outdoor maintenance of green areas.

- Revision We have an authorized accountant who can help you with everything within accounting and auditing.

- Logistics If you need employees in transport, both small and large trucks, we can offer this as a package solution. 

- Consulting Engineer Client advice, project management, advice within high current, high voltage and railways.

- Cleaning and disposal of construction waste Let your people concentrate on their subjects and ours on servicing them.

• Cleaning of construction sites before, during and after construction

• Cleaning of sheds and common living areas

• Cleaning of toilet & bath trolleys etc.

• Emptying dry closets