JO Industries

Danmarksgade 20

Business category

Building and Construction
Steel structures
Employment agencies


Medium-sized (50-249)


JO Industries performs construction - welding and hiring of personnel within the iron and metal industry - and welding work at a fixed agreed price, either at our own workshop, ore at the customer's.

We are located centrally in southern Denmark, with easy access to both railway and motorway.

We employ about 120 employee, distributed in workshops and with customers in Denmark, Norway and Germany.

We therefore have a staff of competent Danish chairmen, all of them have many years of experience from the steel industry.

The workshop:
We have 3,500 m2 workshop, most of which is covered by gantry cranes.

We perform all kinds of constructions, renovations and repairs.
We also perform special tasks, prepared jointly with our customers.

We have a very low hourly rate in the workshop, due to our low overheads.
We have a very large employee database, and access to many agents, therefore we can easy scaling our organization when the need arises.
The customer is assigned a permanent contact person, with knowledge of your needs in your company, who can also assist with follow-up on the project, to achieve the agreed goals.

JO Industries also acts as a crew supplier and hires skilled labor from all over the EU, at competitive prices.

We deliver i.a. to the metal, steel and shipbuilding industries throughout the Nordic region.
If necessary, we provide them whit a car, tools, housing, welding machines, work clothes etc. as well as the possibility of an employee chairman.

We advise i.a. over the following professional groups:
- Blacksmiths
- Plumbers
- fitters
- Certificate welders
Painters and sandblasters
- Shipbuilders
+ many others.
- DS-EN 1090 EXC 3
- DS-EN ISO 3834-2