Københavnsvej 3
Nykøbing Falster

Business category

Industrial sales
Machinery / tools
Machinery, tools and specialized equipment


Medium-sized (50-249)


KJV is one of Denmark's largest distributors within its product field: Cutting Tools, Hand and Machine tools, Transmissions, Technical products and products for Automation for the Metal- and machine industry. 

  • Our sales force has more than 20 years experience in average

  • We visit more than 100 customers on a daily basis

  • Every year more than 5.700 customers trade with us

  • We offer more than 40 leading agencies

  • On www.kjv.dk you have easy access to more than 60.000 products etc.

  • We keep 60.000+ item numbers on stock for day-to-day delivery

  • We execute more than 80.000 parcels per year

  • We are able to deliver all documentation electronically