ODIN Engineering A/S

Elmedalsvej 6

Business category

Steel structures
Machinery / tools
Specialized equipment


Medium-sized (50-249)


Custom made machinery

ODIN designs and build custom made machinery. We have a complete production plant for manufacturing and assembling. We have extensive experience with carrying out complete production processes, from consultancy, development, project design, prototype construction, product design, product maturation, 0-series production and tests, to installation, running-in, service and buffer production.

Our main competence is that we are good at asking questions. As a business partner, we are curious, keen to learn and understand, and we always go through the projects in detail together with our customers.

Quality and operational reliability in product development
We know that quality and operational reliability are key parameters in the industry, and we always find a solution – even for complex challenges that others will not touch.

In order to guarantee optimal operation for our customers, we also always prepare documentation packages with detailed user and maintenance manuals, installation descriptions and assembly drawings.