Procur Vikar ApS

Niels Bohrs Alle 181
Odense SØ

Business category

Temp. staff/Recruitment services


Medium-sized (50-249)


Procur Vikar are experts in the field of recruitment and temporary manpower within the construction business and the metal industry.

We are highly skilled professional recruiters, we know our markets, the dynamics around large construction sites, we have expert knowledge about employment law and the collective agreements that regulate the Danish labor market.

We hold ourselves to high standards. We do a good job - for you, your company and your emplyees.

We are focused. Recruiting for temporary jobs is not just a matter of numbers. We search and select to match your specific requirements - skills, experience and timeliness.

We are competent. We are not just recruiting. We offer you a full-scale service partner that can cooperate, plan a-head and secure propriety in selection, terms of employment and the welfare of the temps you hire from us.