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SOLVANG MASKINFABRIK A/S is a 52 years tech engineering company specializing in handcrafted, heavy gear production, welding and maintaince for major machineries such as cranes, trucks. Our customers are example, Omya Ltd and Lhoist, companies working with solid underground naturals and Banedanmark, infrastructures, and Alfa Laval group globally, that need special metal parts for machinery in ships.
We are experts in producing axis, connectors, flanges, hinges, shafts for gears, puller discs, wear and seal rings, washers, drain screws and like. We are having Haas 5 axis multicenter machines, yountech long bench machines, heavy drilling machines, and own welding shop. Maintenance and ongoing repairing of your machines are rarely straightforward. Often, original parts are very expensive and, usually, there is a long delivery time. Therefore, it can cost you extra when an urgent breakdown occurs and the production has come to a stop. In this case, we can provide immediate help by drawing, construct and produce the parts necessary. Of course, it is possible for you to use us as your regular supplier of original parts and the machine parts that most commonly are worn out and therefore need ongoing replacement.We have very experienced staff mastering design and production of spareparts. Our mission: to deliver innovative and lasting solutions on time, that connect our technical competencies with our customers markets and products.