To utilize everything that Femern Belt Marketplace has to offer, get started by following these steps:

Please note: The purpose of the Femern Belt Marketplace is for Consortia, entrepreneurs and companies to find subcontractors and business partners. The effect and the accuracy of the search process is therefore utmost important. The search process is dependent on your registration, please read and follow the registration instruction below!

1. Create your account

In the top right corner you will find a “join now” button, which takes you to the registration page.

Fill out the form.

IMPORTANT: You must register your business in a primary and up to two secondary business categories. Your selection of categories must be based on your company’s main activities or what your company can actually deliver! Ex: If you are a recruitment agency who deliver manpower for building and construction, your primary category is “Temporary staff/ Recruitment services” and not “Building and construction” (because you are not actually performing building and construction work). This is important as it determines the effect and accuracy of the search process. As part of the registration, you must make a description of your business. It is important for you to describe the company's competencies as accurately and specifically as possible (in English, as the Femern Belt project is an international project). Keep it short! If you have a presentation video/showcase for your company, you can upload it in top of the “description” field. The video file can be uploaded from Youtube, Google-drive or Vimeo.  Lastly, fill in some key search words. Here you have to write words, that others can use to find you by. Here you can write if you have specific skills that are not described by the business categories. If the business categories available does not fit your company, please contact Camilla Nordstrøm or Patrick Jarosczinsky

2. Login

After filling out the form, you will receive an email with a link to Marketplace.

Using this link will take you to a page where you can create your new password.

You can always log in using your chosen username and password at the login page. The login page can be found in the top right corner.

3. Pay for your first year´s membership

After creating your new password, you can buy a membership, and if desired, you can add to have your logo shown at our frontpage carousel for increased visibility.

1 years membership: 100 Euro + Danish VAT

3 Month on frontpage carousel: 80 Euro + Danish VAT

Add the desired order to the cart and click the ‘Checkout’ button, then the ‘Review order’ button and last (if your order is correct), click the ‘Quickpay payment’ button and pay by credit card.

Once you complete the payment, your business will be visible at Femern Belt Marketplace.

4. How to find other businesses

Go to “Search for Business" in the top menu or at the frontpage slider. Use the filters on the left side to browse by business categories or use the search field to search for specific competencies.